Get the best overall snapshot of your health

Most comprehensive at-home test kit with 17 biomarkers.

  • Collect your own sample from the comfort of your home
  • Lowest cost per biomarker test on the market
  • Easy to use health dashboard with actionable insights
  • Identify risk areas and track improvements
Get the best overall snapshot of your health

Why choose SiPhox Health?

Our at-home test kit contains the biomarkers you need to provide you with the best overall snapshot of your health.

At home testing

No more driving to clinics. No more waiting in lines. The sample collection kit lets your users and patients collect their sample using only a few drops of blood.

Extremely affordable

Blood testing is expensive. But it shouldn't be. Meet SiPhox Health, the lowest cost per-biomarker test on the market (17 biomarkers starting at $85).

Measure progress

Users tell us that regular testing is key to reaching their goals. Whether your users and patients want to lose weight or have more energy - we have your back!

Actionable insights

Personalized insights sets you up for success. Paired with your users’ favorite wearables, our system creates insights to improve each biomarker.

How it works

A quick and easy process that ensures as little effort as possible from you. You take the test, we take care of everything else.

Collect a sample

Collect a sample with a a few drops of blood. The process is painless.

Kit is picked up

USPS carrier will come to your location to pick up the kit from your mailbox.

Get results and take action

The results are delivered in 3-5 days. Take action based on the results.

Our customers love us

Check out what our customers have to say about the SiPhox Health biomarker test kit.

What's in the box?

Each kit includes everything to make your process as effortless as possible.

Sample collection card

Sample collection card

Three adjustable lancets

Three adjustable lancets



Whats in the box

Every customer can schedule a live one-on-one session with our certified phlebotomist* for FREE.

*Phlebotomist is a person trained in collecting blood samples.

Sterile gauze

Alcohol pad


Personalized health dashboard

View your results in an interactive, personalized dashboard and easily track health status and lifestyle changes throughout the year.

Frequently asked questions

If your question is not found below, please feel free to email us your question at

Is the SiPhox Health blood test kit equivalent to standard labs?

Yes, we work with a CLIA/CAP accredited lab that performs extensive validation on each assay to meet federal CLIA requirements.

How are you able to offer the lowest cost per biomarker in the industry?

1. We bundle 17 biomarkers into a single sample collection, maximizing the data we collect from a single kit. Other companies like EverlyWell sell 2-4 markers per kit to maximize profits.

2. The SiPhox Health Unlimited Membership allows us to sell test kits at cost. The reason we are doing this is to drive demand and leverage that to drive our costs down.

3. SiPhox, the company behind SiPhox Health, develops blood testing hardware. Our goal is to eventually make it possible to test all these markers in the home instantly at a 10x lower cost.

Note that we do not compromise on the quality or accuracy of our tests in any way.

Why should I use a wearable with SiPhox Health?

SiPhox Health is not just another blood testing service delivering raw data to users. We are able to draw upon correlations between biomarkers and your wearable data. This allows you to optimize your lifestyle to improve your biomarkers.

What are the different types of subscriptions?

We currently offer the SiPhox Health Kits in the following models:

  • The SiPhox Health Unlimited Membership: Pay as you go for unlimited at-home kits.
  • Quarterly At-Home Tests: Receive four test kits per year.
  • Yearly At-Home Test: Receive one test kit per year.

What wearable devices are compatible with SiPhox Health?

SiPhox Health currently has the ability to support over 300 devices across ten categories. The most common devices our users connect are Oura, Fitbit, EightSleep, Whoop, and Freestyle Libre.

How do I view my test results?

When your SiPhox Health Report is ready for viewing, you will receive an email letting you know your user portal has been updated. You can access your report at any time by logging in and scrolling down to "Your Reports".

What makes SiPhox Health reports unique?

Your SiPhox Health Reports are not just raw data. The team at SiPhox created a unique scoring system called the Axes of Wellness that spans different health and lifestyle categories such as Inflammation, Metabolic, and Cardiovascular Health. With this, we take the guesswork out of interpreting your results and empower you with actionable insights to improve your wellness.

Can I modify, pause, or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily do this inside your user portal any time after your initial purchase. There is no commitment whatsoever and you will keep access to your previous test data if you decide to cancel.

When is my card charged?

For Unlimited Members, your card is charged when you use a testing kit (ie complete registration).

For Quarterly and Yearly Members, your card is charged every time a testing kit is shipped to you. The frequency of shipping depends on your subscription type.

Can I give my kit away as a gift?

Yes, our system fully supports gifted kits. The recipient's results will be accessible to them through a separate, private account.