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SiPhox Health
Easy process

Easy process. Quick turnaround.

SiPhox Health
Everyone should be on top of these important biomarkers!!

This home blood test is SO easy & I love the dashboard showing what areas need improvement. I believe everyone should do this minimum twice a year to stay on top of changes because we can make a difference through diet, nutrition & lifestyle!

Problem at first with the costumer service

Following discussions with them, they offered me a hormonal test that corresponded to my needs. I then subscribed to the membership to finally be told that this test is not in a subscription. For a week I tried to settle the situation with Siphox to cancel my subscription and replace it with the hormonal test only and impossible to get follow-ups. 1-2 weeks after, the problem was solve and since now I’ve got a great customer service.

Dear Marc,

We truly apologize for our lack of communication as we were resolving this issue. We did our best to communicate that the hormone+ panel is an add-on product inside the membership, but we acknowledge some confusion in our messaging. In the end, we were glad to be able to send you the hormone+ panel that you were looking for.

We're looking forward to getting you the results and a meaningful insight into your health!

Incompatible CGM App Not Resolved

The testing was easy and I was happy with the turnaround time of my results. Included in my subscription was the Libre CGM which is not compatible with the Canadian App so it was useless. I contacted Siphox and they said they would look into it and keep me up to date with the outcome - that was in April and I still haven’t heard anything! I finally received my Canadian comparable CGM and it works perfect.

Dear Marie,

It's great to hear that you were happy with the test and the turnaround time of your results!

We have managed to resolve the issue with your incompatible CGM and sent you a Canadian one, which we were happy to hear now works well for you!

We apologize for such a long wait as we were solving the challenge of region-locked CGMs.

SiPhox Health
Bill Strickland
Excellent instructions made the process…

Excellent instructions made the process easy

Outside of US don't do it, waste of money

As Canadian clients, my partner and I bought kits and sent them back. First off, they mixed up our results (both were paid with my credit card as I gifted him the service). By the time they figured it out, both kits we not useable. In the meantime - new kits keep coming. We cancelled the service but still have two kits each to send back. Now they're suddenly decided they will no longer include postage which was paid when we signed up. Starting immediately, it's now $35 US to send in a kit. So we are on the hook for 4 x $100 US plus 4 x $35 US and have yet to get a result. Disorganized company and waste of money.

Hi Karin, We have reached out to clarify the situation. The postage is still included in the service you have purchased and you will not be charged anything extra. You are still entitled to receive the service you have paid for, and we would love to get you the results!

SiPhox Health
Nikki B
I tell everyone about Siphox

I tell everyone about Siphox. Living in Canada where are medical system is very reactive and not proactive this give me control over my health, I’m able to track my markers and make lifestyle changes to improve my health and be able to see how those effect my biomarkers .

i never got my results

i never got my results for my first sample sent, its been over a month.

Hi Kevin- Thank you for sharing this information. We have attempted to contact you through TrustPilot so that we can address the issue with your sample. The standard turnaround time for sample processing is 3-5 days. In the case of shipping issues or sample rejection, we issue a free replacement kit. You can reach us at

SiPhox Health
Bob Gray
A great service with some room for improvement

Ordering the kit was easy and Siphox communicated order and shipping status very well. Instructions for taking the sample were very clear. Turnaround time for the analysis was as promised and the way the results were displayed was great. A few things that I would like to see are:
The ability to enter periodic blood pressure tests and see those as part of the cardiovascular panel.
That my resting heart rate from my Garmin get picked up and included in reporting
The addition of ALT and uric acid levels in the blood testing.
Looking forward to seeing the impact of my diet and lifestyle changes in my next panel.

SiPhox Health
Glen Newell

Excellent service and prompt results

Hi Glen! Thank you for this review. We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with an excellent experience in the future.

SiPhox Health
Greg R. Hunter

Very easy and affordable way to get information on your bloodwork. I will be a repeat customer.

Hi Greg! Happy to hear about your experience. We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with this excellent experience in the future.

SiPhox Health
Jonathan E
Comprehensive and convenient blood testing

Very little blood required, and takes about 5 minutes. Much more convenient than driving to the lab. I like that so many biomakers are included, including some especially useful ones like ApoB and testosterone. Will keep using this instead of ordering from online labs!

Hi Jonathan! Thank you for this review. We are happy to hear about your feedback on our panel! We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with an excellent experience in the future.

Easy lab testing with multiple biomarkers

Instructions were easy to follow and it uses the same technology as other at home test kits (two panel serum separator card), the biggest difference is that it tests for almost 20 different biomarkers at once! Results came back within 48 hours after it was received at the lab.

One recommendation is being able to export an official lab report with details in case we want to bring up questions with our primary care.

Highly recommend if you're looking for a way to monitor your health overtime without having to deal with insurance and lab orders.

Hi Andy! Thank you for this review and the recommendation- We now have an export feature within your report allowing you to export a pdf or csv and bring the report to your primary care doc. We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with an excellent experience in the future.

Fast, simple - and affordable too!

The postage was quick and seamless (both there and back), as is the collection process. Good product!

Hi Matt! Thank you for this review, and happy the shipping process was seamless for you. We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with an excellent experience in the future.

SiPhox Health
Kevin Cody
100% recommend

Siphox worked quickly and accurately to send out the collection kit, communicated clear instructions, processed the collection quickly, and the whole process was dead simple. I highly recommend.

Hi Kevin! Thank you for this review, and happy to hear everything was seamless throughout your experience. We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with an excellent experience in the future.

Quick and easy bloodwork

Instructions are clear & easy. Just make sure to follow them and follow the tips! Results have been very fast once you drop them off in the mail (couple of days). Price is also pretty good for what tests are done (especially on a subscription plan). I plan on keeping this as a subscription for a while to improve my health.

Hi! Thank you for this review. We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with an excellent experience in the future.

SiPhox Health
Good test

The test was given to me as a gift from my husband. He has recently gotten into running and self educating himself on health with podcasts, etc.
The test was easy to take and it was convenient with mailing in as they provided the envelope and instructions on what to do. The tracking information is great because there is communication in terms of receiving, reviewing and then emailing you the results.
The test results are all electronic and if you don't understand what your Vitamin D does for example, there are definitions available to review.
This however does not have a diet plan recommendation. If you are someone with underlying conditions and want assistance as to curve that or an alternative method, this is not the test for you.
If you would like to know if you have other conditions you are not aware of, this is not the test for you.
However, just getting some basic knowledge on your health, this test is great for that. It is a quarterly test so if you are working on your health and like to see how you are improving in other areas then this is a great way to track your progress.
Siphox now has TSH testing (thyroid stimulating hormone function) to track thyroid progress as well, so I am looking forward to this feature.

Easy Testing

Testing was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The instructions are very clear and simple. Siphox was very communicative at each step of the process. I highly recommend this if you are looking for some insights into carefully selected biomarkers.

Works in Canada

-The collecting process is simple enough.
-The shipping is very fast.
-The result are available quickly and are easy to read.
-Works in Canada so no need for a prescription.
-Low cost

-You can't choose the marker being tested, men can't choose to have their estrogen tested and women can't have their testosterone tested.
-One step of the instructions is misleading, you need enough blood to cross the minimum line but it keeps moving after you are done. The problem is, the instruction tells you to keep adding more until it gets there.

The pros outweigh the cons by far so its still 5/5

SiPhox Health
Leanne Brunelle
Easy and quick health check

I wanted to give this a 4.5 stars, but can't...I really liked the ease of collection, and the speed of the results. The results are motivating for me to make some changes to my diet, and I also really appreciated the few bits of advice from siphox on improving my numbers. Some suggestions - I would love even more advice on improving my numbers, and I was disappointed on looking further that DHEA and testosterone were only included for males, I would like to see those numbers as a female as well. Maybe this would be too hard to do, but having an a-la-cart testing option would be pretty cool too. Overall a very positive experience. Would recommend for those who wish to stay on top of their health!

SiPhox Health
Ussama Ali
Simple, safe, and accurate

First time using their service, and I can't recommend them enough. Everything was smooth and as described on their website, packaged arrived on time, instructions were easy especially if you follow their video, results came back within few days of sending the package back. I think it is very important that every person take control of his health and regularly check those important biomarkers. Thank you Siphox

SiPhox Health
Arthur Feith
Cost effective biomarkers management

Great service to monitor your biomarkers on a more frequent basis. Their support is top notch too. I will be keeping my monthly subscription to improve my health.

SiPhox Health
Jason Billing
Great Experience

Great Experience - kit arrived quickly. Instructions, return packaging and labelling all super easy to follow. I dropped my completed kit at the UPS store and had results back in a few days. I had to use way more than a few drops of blood, but it was also my first time so maybe my technique will improve. The dashboard and insights are easy to understand.

SiPhox Health
Andrew B
Support seems lacking

I reached out to support via their email [support(at)siphoxhealth(dot)com] twice and did not receive a reply either time. My issue was in regard to collecting my blood sample, and was never able to use the service that comes along with it. I was very excited to try this out initially, but the lack of support is a bummer.

Hi Andrew. We truly apologize for the lack of responses. We normally respond to every single message, but somehow, your two emails slipped through the cracks. We have reached out to you over email to help fix your unpleasant experience.

SiPhox Health
Nick Hammond
Really simple & painless blood…

Really simple & painless blood collection process. It was easy to ship the test back & results came quickly. I enjoyed seeing my results, but the wearable data didn’t integrate well and was hard to understand. Great product but could use a dashboard update!