Supplements- Hormonal Support + Iron

Supplements- Hormonal Support + Iron

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Zinc Picolinate - 15 mg  

Copper Glycinate  -2 mg  

Ahwagandha Extract (2.5% Withanolides) - 500 mg  

Iron Glycinate/Iron Aspartate/Ascorbic Acid - 7.5 mg/7.5 mg/175 mg  

Methylcobalamin/P5P - 1000 mcg/1300 mcg - (alt days) 



  1. Zinc Picolinate: This combination enhances energy metabolism and supports immune function, with Zinc Picolinate promoting overall cellular health.
  2. Copper Glycinate: Copper Glycinate is essential for energy production, connective tissue formation, and maintaining a healthy nervous system, providing a highly absorbable form of copper.
  3. Ashwagandha Extract (2.5% Withanolides): Ashwagandha, with active Withanolides, is renowned for its stress-reducing properties and ability to enhance mental clarity and physical endurance.
  4. Iron Glycinate/Iron Aspartate/Ascorbic Acid: This synergistic blend improves iron absorption and supports healthy red blood cell formation, enhanced by Ascorbic Acid for better iron uptake.
  5. Methylcobalamin/P5P 1000 mcg/1300 mcg (alt days): Alternating between Methylcobalamin and P5P, this supplement supports neurological health and energy metabolism, addressing a range of vital functions.