Mission: Lower the cost of at-home health testing by 10x and provide immediate results.

How it Started

Silicon photonics uses existing semiconductor ("chip-making") techniques to fabricate photonic circuits. It combines two of the most important inventions of the 20th century—the silicon integrated circuit and the semiconductor laser.

One month BC (before Covid) in 2020, Diedrik Vermeulen and Michael Dubrovsky founded SiPhox Inc. to apply the industry-changing technology to the goal of human healthspan and lifespan extension by using silicon photonic biosensors to democratize access to biomarkers.

Vision: A world where

1) we all have affordable, instant access to our biomarkers.

2) biomarker tracking is as commonplace as brushing our teeth.

3) anyone can take a comprehensive picture of their health.

4) we can quickly see how a particular lifestyle or health intervention impacts our health.

  • SiPhox Health is a consumer-facing service operated by SiPhox Inc.

    SiPhox is a next-generation blood diagnostics hardware and wearables startup based in the Greater Boston area. SiPhox was founded by engineers from MIT, SpaceX, and MGH to develop silicon photonic biosensors.