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At-home test kit with 17 blood biomarkers to measure inflammation, hormones, metabolic and cardiovascular health. Starting at $95/test.

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Khosla Ventures
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Include Your Wearables
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Regular testing lets you optimize your diet and lifestyle choices so you can live your healthiest, happiest life. Discover proactive ways to improve symptoms and health risks including:

Brain Fog
Heart Health
Low Energy
weight management
Our Customers


SiPhox Health helps me keep my balance.
I can directly see how my diet, supplements, and lifestyle are affecting my hormone levels and sleep quality.

James Sinka YC Founder & Biohacker
James Sinka Testimonial - SipHox Health

Even as a doctor I find it cumbersome to access regular blood testing. SiPhox Health allowed me to track my recovery from long COVID and optimize my vitamin D levels without taxing my busy schedule.

Jennifer Joe, MD Physician, CEO Vanguard.Health
Jenifer Joe Testimonial - SipHox Health

SiPhox Health has been valuable in letting me see the effects of high training volume on my hormones, specifically testosterone. I was in the dark on this during my last Ironman prep.

Stryker L Real Estate Broker & Ironman Athlete
Stryker L Testimonial - SipHox Health

With a long history of atherosclerosis in my family, I've always wondered how I can mitigate my own risk. With SiPhox Health I can now intentionally track my cardiovascular risk for decades to come.

Colin Budries Army Officer & Longevity Enthusiast
Colin Budries Testimonial - SipHox Health

Before my first SiPhox Health test, I had no idea my hs-CRP or Cortisol levels were out of range. Now I have insights into how I can improve both and look forward to testing to see my improvements.

Alana Gonzales Biomedical Engineer & Rollerblader
Alana Gonzales - SipHox Health

At-home blood testing is the future of health and longevity optimization.

Michael Lustgarten, PhD Scientist II at USDA Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging
Michael Lustgarten - SipHox Health