SiPhox Health Mail-in Kit unlimited membership SiPhox Health Mail-in Kit unlimited membership SiPhox Health Mail-in Kit unlimited membership SiPhox Health Mail-in Kit unlimited membership

Everything You Need to Take Control of Your Health

  • Take an at-home test measuring for 17 carefully selected biomarkers
  • Receive results in an easy-to-use dashboard with personalized insights
  • Connect your wearable devices and upload third party results
  • Option to cancel or pause at anytime

Unlimited Membership

$16 per month | cancel any time

+ $85/test kit Becoming a SiPhox Unlimited member will enable you access to the most affordable at-home blood testing and unlock a personalized health journey. Unlimited membership allows you the option to add on supplements, continuous glucose monitor and other tools to support improving and maintaining optimal biomarkers.

Membership benefits:

  • Access to unlimited test kits at our lowest rate: $85, billed only after use.
  • Receive a starter kit and access to live customer support for test taking
  • Access CGMs for optimizing your metabolism and diet
  • Reusable pair of blue light blockers, built to regulate your circadian rhythm and sleep quality
  • Maximize your insights with expert health coaching
  • Access personalized biohacking tools to improve your biomarkers

Upgrade your membership (One-time add-on):

Freestyle Libre 3 Continuous Glucose Monitor

Freestyle Libre 3 Continuous Glucose Monitor


Learn more A CGM is a small subcutaneous sensor that measures glucose levels in real-time for up to two weeks. By using a CGM, individuals can make more informed decisions about their diet, exercise, and metabolism. Improved metabolic health is associated with weight loss, higher energy levels, and lower risk of diabetes.
Freestyle Libre 3 Continuous Glucose Monitor

SiPhox Health Hormone+ Panel


Learn more Track your hormonal health on top of the 17 base biomarkers. Includes information and insights on 7 new hormonal biomarkers.

Understand and track your energy, libido, fitness, and chronic disease risk by measuring Estradiol, LH, SHBG, Prolactin, FSH, PSA, and Albumin

Understand and track your fertility, energy levels, pregnancy, and chronic disease risk with LH, Folate, Vitamin B12, Anti-Mullerian Hormone, SHBG, Prolactin, and DHEA-S

Pay $16 now and access unlimited test kits at our lowest rate: $85

Among the many reasons to buy:

Get a full refund if all your markers are in optimal range!

Each kit tests the 17 biomarkers required for a total picture of your health.

If you find an equivalent test at a lower price, we'll refund the difference.

Tested in a certified CLIA lab, validated against venous blood draws.

A few drops of blood
A few drops of blood

Is a few drops of blood really enough?

That's right! A few drops of blood is all we need to test 17 biomarkers. Sounds too good to be true? Far from it...

Our sample collection card, the ADX100[1], is an alternative collection method, similar to an SST tube. Red blood cells are separated without a centrifuge, enabling the laboratory to perform tests on dry blood.

Are results accurate? Yes! We process samples in a 3rd party CLIA-certified lab. The test results have been cross-validated against standard finger prick and venous draws.

Self sample-collection
Self sample-collection

Can I really collect my own sample?

Each kit contains a sample collection card, three adjustable lancets, band-aids, sterile gauze, an alcohol pad, and instructions.

Drawing your blood sounds scary at first. Especially if it's your first time doing it. We've taken the time to make the instructions as easy to follow as possible.

Not only that, every customer can schedule a live one-on-one session with our certified phlebotomist for FREE (a person trained in collecting blood samples).

Interactive Reports

Wellness dashboard

View your results in an interactive, personalized dashboard and easily track health status and lifestyle changes throughout the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not found below, please feel free to email us your question at

How do I get started?

You can sign up and place your initial order with us or you can submit your information and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

How do I place orders for my patients or customers?

As an enterprise customer, you will receive access to the SiPhox Health Portal where you can place orders, monitor lab results, customize notifications and view each of your patients’ data at any time.

Who can place orders for my patients or customers?

You can add users to the SiPhox Health Portal at any time and allow them to place orders for patients or customers. We recommend that your team familiarize themselves with the portal and we will provide training sessions and webinars as needed.

What is the minimum number of orders?

We have a minimum order size of 30 kits to become an enterprise partner. The initial order is priced at $120 per kit.

Are there any ongoing commitments?

No. There are no ongoing fees or long-term commitments. You simply pay as you go for the orders placed.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! Volume discounts are offered when you reach 1,000 kits per month.

Do you offer customized panels?

Yes! Custom panels are offered when you reach 1,000 kits per month.

Do you have a SiPhox Health API?

Yes. We have a robust REST API that allows for creating orders, fetching customers, and fetching report data.

Do you sign BAAs with your partners?

Yes. We will sign a BAA with a Covered Entity.

How long does it take to implement the API?

It generally depends on your workflows and the complexity of the project. On average, our API can be implemented within a number of hours.

Do the kits get shipped to directly to the patient or to us?

It's completely up to you! We can ship kits directly to your patients or ship kits to you. You can even have us ship some kits directly to patients and others to you so you can have them on hand to distribute however you see fit.

What information is necessary to place an order for a patient or customer?

To place an order for a kit to go directly to a patient, we simply need their name, address and email.

Is the SiPhox Health blood test kit equivalent to standard labs?

Yes, we work with a CLIA/CAP accredited lab that performs extensive validation on each assay to meet federal CLIA requirements.

How are you able to offer the lowest cost per biomarker in the industry?

1. We bundle 17 biomarkers into a single sample collection, maximizing the data we collect from a single kit. Other companies like EverlyWell sell 2-4 markers per kit to maximize profits.

2. The SiPhox Health Unlimited Membership allows us to sell test kits at cost. The reason we are doing this is to drive demand and leverage that to drive our costs down.

3. SiPhox, the company behind SiPhox Health, develops blood testing hardware. Our goal is to eventually make it possible to test all these markers in the home instantly at a 10x lower cost.

Note that we do not compromise on the quality or accuracy of our tests in any way.

Why should I use a wearable with SiPhox Health?

SiPhox Health is not just another blood testing service delivering raw data to users. We are able to draw upon correlations between biomarkers and your wearable data. This allows you to optimize your lifestyle to improve your biomarkers.

What are the different types of subscriptions?

We currently offer the SiPhox Health Kits in the following models:

• The SiPhox Health Unlimited Membership: Pay as you go for unlimited at-home kits.

• Quarterly At-Home Tests: Receive four test kits per year.

• Yearly At-Home Test: Receive one test kit per year.

What wearable devices are compatible with SiPhox Health?

SiPhox Health currently has the ability to support over 300 devices across ten categories. The most common devices our users connect are Apple Watch, Oura, Fitbit, EightSleep, Whoop, and Freestyle Libre.

How do I view my test results?

When your SiPhox Health Report is ready for viewing, you will receive an email letting you know your user portal has been updated. You can access your report at any time by logging in and scrolling down to "Your Reports".

What makes SiPhox Health Reports unique?

Your SiPhox Health Reports are not just raw data. The team at SiPhox created a unique scoring system called the Axes of Wellness that spans different health and lifestyle categories such as Inflammation, Metabolic, and Cardiovascular Health. With this, we take the guesswork out of interpreting your results and empower you with actionable insights to improve your wellness.

If you would like to view your data in a traditional table format, you can do so by exporting the PDF within your report.

Can I modify, pause, or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily do this inside your user portal any time after your initial purchase. There is no commitment whatsoever and you will keep access to your previous test data if you decide to cancel.

When is my card charged?

For Unlimited Members, your card is charged when you use a testing kit (ie complete registration).

For Quarterly and Yearly Members, your card is charged every time a testing kit is shipped to you. The frequency of shipping depends on your subscription type.

How can I refer a friend?

With our Refer & Earn program, you can share your enthusiasm for SiPhox Health, sending your friend a $20 discount off any plan and earning $50 off your next purchase. To set up your referral discount, log in to your SiPhox Health account and look for the orange button in the bottom left corner.

Can I give my kit away as a gift?

Yes, our system fully supports gifted kits. The recipient's results will be accessible to them through a separate, private account.

Why was I charged when I didn't place an order?

This is the charge for using the kit. Unlimited members are charged for test kits only after they register and use it. The membership fee does not include the cost of test kits. You are also shipped a replacement so you can always keep two kits on hand - but the replacement is only charged if and when you decide to use it.

I just signed up for Unlimited, what happens next?

When you sign up for Unlimited membership, you will receive 2 test kits and a starter kit (a box with extra tools for easier blood collection). You will only be charged $85 for each test kit after registering it and receiving the results. View a helpful graphic of the process here.

Is SiPhox Health HSA/FSA compatible?

If you have an HSA/FSA card you can simply use it for the purchase. If your card is not accepted, please contact support and we will send you an itemized receipt of all information necessary for reimbursement after purchase.

I’m having trouble collecting enough blood for the test, what can I do?

Please ship the sample back, and if the lab determines the quantity of blood is insufficient, they'll send you a free replacement kit. I recommend booking a free virtual phlebotomist session next time - it's a 15-minute Zoom call where a member of our team can guide you as you take your test. You can book it here.

I think I messed up my collection card. What do I do?

Don’t worry! This happens from time to time, especially on first attempts. Please take a photo of your ADX card and contact support at or simply use the chatbot on our webpage: We will assess whether you can still have a successful collection with your current kit, and if not, mail you a new kit free of charge.

What is the Hormone+ Panel?

The Hormone+ panel is available to all Unlimited members. It tests for 24 biomarkers - 17 from the standard panel and 7 additional gender-specific hormonal markers. If you've ordered multiple test kits, you will recognize the Hormone+ panel by an "H+" sticker and one additional blood collection card.

Men's Hormone+ add-on:

  1. Estradiol
  2. LH
  3. SHBG
  4. Prolactin
  5. FSH
  6. PSA
  7. Albumin
  8. Testosterone, free (calculated)

Women's Hormone+ add-on:

  1. LH
  2. Folate
  3. Vitamin B12
  4. Anti-Mullerian Hormone
  5. SHBG
  6. Prolactin
  7. DHEA-S