Trig/HDL Ratio

What is the Trig/HDL Ratio?

The Trig/HDL-C ratio is a specific metric calculated by dividing your triglycerides number by your HDL number.

Why is it included in the Metabolic Axis?

The Trig/HDL ratio can predict whether you are at increased risk for a heart attack and predicts the risk for diabetes and pre-diabetes. In that regard, the ratio provides a good assessment of metabolic health, specifically insulin resistance. [1] [2]

How can I better understand my results?

Your Trig/HDL ratio is calculated on a fasting lipid profile. Simply take the Triglycerides and divide by the HDL; the closer to one, the better.

  • A ratio that’s over 3.5 indicates an elevated risk of cardiovascular events and insulin resistance.

Where can I learn more?

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