What is ferritin?

Ferritin is a blood protein that carries iron. As such, the ferritin measurement gives us an indirect measurement of your body’s iron stores. Low levels of ferritin may indicate the presence of iron deficiency anemia.

Why is it under the Balance Axis?

Ferritin levels that are out of range can point to a variety of conditions such as fatigue, anemia, and restless leg syndrome [1]. Since women are especially susceptible to low levels of iron, this test is very important for women’s general health.

How can I better understand my results?

  • Males: 23.9-336.2 ng/mL
  • Females: 11.0-306.8 ng/mL

          Your results may fluctuate with your menstrual cycle.

Where can I learn more?

The Cleveland Clinic’s overview of their ferritin tests

For a more scientific view of ferritin, read this review article