Which plan do you need?

Whether you want to become a health tracking veteran or would simply like to learn about your health status, we offer a range of plans that suit your needs.

/ Best Value

Unlimited Membership


$85per kit

Billed $145 every 6 months, then $85 per kit - Save up to 76% per kit

Track your health trends to discover which diet, exercise, and lifestyle plans work best for you.

  • As many kits as you want at our lowest rate of $85 per kit, whenever you want
  • Option to upgrade your membership with exclusive add-ons*
  • Pause or cancel anytime

One-Time Purchase

For health snapshot

$295per kit

Billed one-time

Learn your body's health status today and get actionable insights to improve risk factors.

  • A single kit
  • No access to exclusive add-ons
  • Miss out on tracking health status and changes throughout the year

Quarterly Subscription


$165per kit

Billed $165 quarterly - Save up to 35% per kit

Test yourself at least quarterly to maintain your health status and catch problems early.

  • 4 kits per year (1 kit every 3 months)
  • Option to upgrade your subscription with exclusive add-ons*
  • Pause or cancel anytime
Limit 4 kits per household. Offer ends .

*We ship to United States and Canada. Not available for residents of New York State.

Why choose SiPhox Health?

The lowest cost per biomarker testing, at-home sample collection, interactive reports and actionable insights.

At-home testing

No more driving to clinics. No more waiting in lines. The sample collection kit lets you collect your sample using only a few drops of blood.

Extremely Affordable

Blood testing is expensive. But it shouldn't be. Meet SiPhox Health, the lowest cost per-biomarker test on the market.

Measure progress

Regular testing is key to reaching your goals. Whether you want to lose weight or have more energy- we have your back!

Actionable insights

Personalized insights sets you up for success. Paired with your wearable (optional), your health dashboard creates insights to improve each biomarker.

Customer Testimony

Our comprehensive test kits have enabled thousands of people like you to take control of their health journey.

Your privacy first. Always.

HIPAA-grade security

Our server is set up in accordance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

We won't sell your data

We will never sell your personal data.

Delete your personal info at ANY time

You can delete your data from our server whenever you wish. We fully respect and support your data ownership.

Is a Few Drops of Blood Really Enough?

That's right! A few drops of blood is all we need to test 17 biomarkers. Sounds too good to be true? Far from it...

Our sample collection card, the ADX100[1], is an alternative collection method, similar to an SST tube. Red blood cells are separated without a centrifuge, enabling the laboratory to perform tests on dry blood.

Are results accurate? Yes! We process samples in a 3rd party CLIA-certified lab. The test results have been cross-validated against standard finger prick and venous draws.

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Can I really collect my own sample?

Each kit contains a sample collection card, three adjustable lancets, band-aids, sterile gauze, an alcohol pad, and instructions.

Drawing your blood sounds scary at first. Especially if it's your first time doing it. We've taken the time to make the instructions as easy to follow as possible.

Not only that, every customer can schedule a live one-on-one session with our certified phlebotomist for FREE (a person trained in collecting blood samples).

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Ok, my results are in. What now?

This is the best part! After processing your sample, we create a complete report for each of your 17 biomarkers

You can then access your reports from your personal reports dashboard. Each report comes with an easy-to-understand graph and personalized insights you can use to improve each biomarker.

The dashboard lets you connect your favorite wearables to make your reports even more insightful. Improved sleep and activity scores are highly correlated with improved hormonal balance and lower inflammation in our user base.

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