What We Measure

SiPhox Health offers at-home minimally invasive blood tests combined with wearable device data (optional) to provide a comprehensive snapshot of your health and lifestyle.

Read about each health category and the associated biomarkers below. 

Blood Biomarkers


Inflammation plays a key role in a healthy immune response. However, during aging, chronic, low-grade inflammation - called inflammaging - develops, which contributes to the pathogenesis of many age-related diseases. Inflammation is also associated with depression and other chronic illnesses.

Metabolic Fitness²

Metabolic fitness is the condition of a robust and healthy set of cellular mechanisms that produce energy from our food and environment to power every process in the human body. Poor Metabolic Fitness is associated with worse brain function, energy, memory, mood, skin health, fertility, and like inflammation, puts us at greater risk for chronic diseases. 


Your Balance score includes hormonal and nutritional markers. Balance means maintaining the appropriate amount (not too high or too low) of hormones and critical vitamins/minerals. This is key to keeping our internal environment running at its peak.


Your Cardiovascular score includes markers that have the potential to lead to heart disease. Poor Cardiovascular health puts individuals at risk for shortened lifespan and decreased quality of life. Tracking these markers allows you to optimize your diet and lifestyle to stay healthier, longer.

Wearable Device Data


Your weekly activity average includes number of steps and minutes spent engaging in different zones of exercise intensity.
  • Daily Steps
  • Minutes Spent in Medium Intensity Activities
  • Minutes Spent in High Intensity Activities


Your sleep score reflects your average sleep duration and quality.
  • Sleep Total Duration
  • REM Sleep
  • Deep Sleep
  • Sleep Efficiency

Heart Efficiency⁷

Heart Efficiency is a measure of your current heart health and athleticism. Increased heart efficiency is correlated with increased lifespan.


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