Help your users and patients measure and track their health.

We offer the most comprehensive test kit on the market, including the 17 critical blood biomarkers to measure inflammation, hormones, and metabolic + cardiovascular health.

Help your users and patients measure and track their health.

Investors and partners include:

Khosla Ventures
Y Combinator

Why SiPhox Health?

Users tell us that regular testing is key to reaching their goals. Whether your users and patients want to lose weight or have more energy - we have your back!

No more driving to clinics. No more waiting in lines. The sample collection kit lets your users and patients collect their sample using only a few drops of blood.

Blood testing is expensive. But it shouldn’t be. Meet SiPhox Health, the lowest cost per-biomarker test on the market (17 biomarkers for $120).

Personalized insights sets you up for success. Paired with your users’ favorite wearables, our system creates insights to improve each biomarker.


Integrate wearables

Your users and patients can also connect their wearable device to track sleep, heart rate and activity data alongside their blood biomarkers.

Include Your Wearables
ACCU Check
Freestyle Libre

Personalized health dashboard

Results are delivered in a convenient dashboard within 3-5 business days. You can access the data via API and/or provide the SiPhox dashboard to your users and patients.

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Help your users and patients measure and track their health.

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SiPhox Enterprise

We provide home test kits and handle all logistics so you can showcase your brand while helping your users and patients measure and track their health.

$120 per test kit / billed one-time

  • 30 test kits minimum order
  • Co-branded kit
  • Access the data via API
  • Provide a dashboard to your users
  • Free delivery both ways
  • Results in 3-5 business days
  • Custom panels available at 1,000 kits per month.
  • Volume pricing discussed at 1,000 kits per month.
  • Complete white-label available at 10,000 kits per month (including software white-label, etc.).

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