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SiPhox is building next-generation diagnostics infrastructure both for the home and the central lab. 6 out of 10 Americans have a chronic disease. Our mission is to enable new Direct-to-Consumer health and wellness paradigms to address this crisis.

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SiPhox’s interdisciplinary team merges biochemistry and photonic chip technology to deliver more biomarker data, faster, and with less blood volume.

Realizing Moore’s Law for Biosensing

Realizing Moore’s Law for Biosensing

SiPhox was founded by Diedrik Vermeulen and Michael Dubrovsky one month BC (before Covid) in 2020. SiPhox’s technology enables a next-generation biosensing platform that provides the power a large laboratory instruments in a handheld device that accepts disposable cartridges.

The SiPhox team has extensive experience translating cutting edge optical chip technology into mass produced products used all over the world, and is bringing the same proven approach to the next frontier for integrated photonics: biology.

Meet the founders


Diedrik Vermeulen

Diedrik Vermeulen

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Diedrik is a physicist and an engineer, who brings more than 13 years of experience and pioneering work in integrated photonics to SiPhox.

Michael Dubrovsky

Michael Dubrovsky

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and materials chemist, with 10 years of combined startup and silicon photonics experience.

Silicon photonics uses existing semiconductor ("chip-making") techniques to fabricate photonic circuits. It combines two of the most important inventions of the 20th century—the silicon integrated circuit and the semiconductor laser.

Leveraging silicon photonics for miniaturization

Silicon photonics enabled the massive scaling of datacenters and fiber communication to support internet connectivity. Siphox leveraged the same core technology to miniaturize a complex optical system used in central labs for blood testing. This enables lab-quality results in a consumer form factor.

Traditional optics system

Lasers, lenses, polarisers, modulators, splitters, and other optical components.

Silicon chip

silicon chip

Leveraging silicon photonics for scalability

SiPhox sensor chips are produced on 12-inch silicon wafers in semiconductor foundries.

Each disposable sensor chip contains an array of photonic immunoassay sensors, which are printed with proteins to detect specific targets in blood.

Many sensors on a single chip

Thousands of chips per wafer


Number of sensors on a single disposable SiPhox chip

1 billion

Sensor chips can be produced at a single semiconductor fab every month.


Cost of each sensor chip at scale.

Towards a world where ...

We all have affordable, instant access to our biomarkers

Biomarker tracking is as commonplace as brushing our teeth

Anyone can take a comprehensive picture of their health

We can quickly see how a particular lifestyle or health intervention impacts our health

Siphox Mission

Our roadmap

At-home health testing is too expensive and slow. We’re fixing that.


mail-in kit
Mail-in kit

SiPhox Health 17-biomarker health kit

siphox home
SiPhox Home

Measure inflammation and hormones in 5 minutes*
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siphox wearable
SiPhox Wearable

Continuous wearable tracking of glucose, inflammation and hormone levels*

SiPhox Go

Complete home diagnostics platform*


*NOTE: Investigational Device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.

We are convinced that everyone will be wearing silicon photonic chips in the future to continuously monitor health biomarkers.

Diedrik Vermeulen, CEO & Co-founder

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Join our interdisciplinary team

Join our interdisciplinary team.

We are bringing a next-generation optical chip-based biosensor to market. Join us in creating a step-change in diagnostics

Our team mantras are:

  1. Physics is the only limitation.
  2. Focused projects owned by small and effective teams, led by managers who are also individual contributors.