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Biological Age Kit


One-time add-on

1 x Saliva based kit for biological age.


Freestyle Libre CGM


One-time add-on

USA Customers: 1 x Freestyle Libre 3
Canadian Customers: 1 x Freestyle Libre 2

Why include CGM Add-on?
Unlock the secrets of your blood sugar:

Go beyond occasional finger prick tests and discover how your blood sugar levels react to different foods, exercise routines, sleep patterns, and even stress. A Continuous Glucose monitor (CGM) provides a dynamic real-time picture of your metabolic health.

Uncover hidden thyroid problems:

A CGM empowers you with personalized data. See how everyday choices impact your blood sugar – a fundamental aspect of energy levels, weight management, and long-term health. Optimize your diet and lifestyle for sustained energy and reduce the risks of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Learn from your body:

Track trends over time to reveal hidden patterns in your blood sugar levels. Identify foods that trigger spikes and dips, discover optimal exercise timing, and understand how stress impacts your metabolism.

Proactive approach to longevity:

Research increasingly highlights the importance of stable blood sugar for reducing inflammation, promoting healthy weight, and improving overall well-being—all factors contributing to a longer, healthier life.

Upgrade your health knowledge:

Using a cutting-edge CGM (like the Libre 3 or Libre 2) is an educational journey. Develop a deeper understanding of your body's unique responses and empower yourself with the tools to make informed, lasting changes for optimal health.

Why include 3 Point Cortisol Add-on?
Unlock the full story of your daily cortisol rhythm:

While a single cortisol measurement provides a snapshot, our 3-Point Cortisol Add-on uncovers the dynamic pattern of this crucial stress hormone throughout your day. This in-depth view offers valuable insights into your energy cycles, sleep quality, and overall stress response.

Uncover hidden imbalances:

Optimal cortisol levels should naturally rise in the morning and decline throughout the day. Disruptions to this pattern can contribute to fatigue, mood imbalances, sleep difficulties, and long-term health risks, even if your single cortisol test falls within a "normal" range.

Pinpoint stressors and identify recovery patterns:

The 3-Point Cortisol Add-on helps identify times of the day when stress responses may be heightened. You can then adjust your routine for better stress management and optimal recovery.

Personalize your approach to well-being:

Understanding your unique cortisol pattern enables targeted lifestyle interventions. Whether that involves adjusting meal timing, incorporating stress-reducing techniques, or optimizing your exercise schedule, you gain actionable insights for lasting improvements in your energy and well-being.

Upgrade your health knowledge:

Go beyond a single number and understand the complexities of your body's stress response. This information empowers you to work with your healthcare provider for a holistic approach to managing stress and optimizing long-term health.

Why include Biological Age Kit Add-on?
Go beyond your calendar age:

Your chronological age is just a number. Our Biological Age Kit Add-on reveals how your body is aging on a cellular level, offering a more meaningful indicator of overall health and longevity.

Unlock the power of DNA methylation analysis:

At the heart of this kit is cutting-edge DNA methylation testing. This technology analyzes age-related changes in your DNA, providing clues about your unique aging trajectory.

Introducing the GrimAge clock: The gold standard in biological age prediction:

Unlike other tests, our kit utilizes the scientifically-backed GrimAge clock. GrimAge stands out for its ability to predict not only lifespan but also your risk of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, and even cancer.

Empower yourself with actionable insights:

Knowing whether you're aging faster or slower than your chronological age provides the knowledge to make positive, targeted changes. Optimize your diet, exercise routine, and stress management to protect your long-term health.

Track your progress for a longer, healthier life:

The Biological Age Kit is not just a one-time snapshot. Repeat testing allows you to track the impact of your lifestyle choices and see how they directly influence your cellular aging. It's the ultimate tool for maximizing healthspan – the years you live in good health.

Why include Circadian Rhythm Reset Add-on?
Optimize your circadian rhythm and reset your health:

Understanding your daily cortisol patterns is essential, but the Circadian Rhythm Reset Add-on goes further! With two 3-Point Cortisol kits, you'll gain a before-and-after view of your body's stress hormone cycle, revealing the impact of targeted interventions.

Discover your baseline, then take action:

The first cortisol test establishes your starting point, uncovering hidden imbalances impacting energy, sleep, and well-being. Armed with this knowledge, you can implement scientifically-backed interventions like:

  • Optimizing light exposure (natural and artificial)
  • Adjusting meal and exercise timing
  • Incorporating stress-management techniques
Blue light-blocking glasses for better sleep:

We include cutting-edge blue light-blocking glasses to help support your circadian health. Research suggests filtering blue light, especially in the evening, can positively impact sleep quality and your internal body clock.

Track your progress and empower your results:

Upon retesting with your second cortisol kit, you'll see firsthand how effectively the interventions have shifted your cortisol rhythm. This provides invaluable feedback on what works best for your unique body.

Upgrade your health knowledge:

Our Circadian Rhythm Reset Add-on offers an in-depth education on how stress, light, and daily habits influence your internal clock. This knowledge empowers you to make lasting changes for sustained energy, improved sleep, and optimal overall health.