What is insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that is mainly responsible for regulating blood glucose levels.

Why is insulin included in the metabolic axis?

High insulin levels can be a leading indicator of pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome. While insulin is a necessary data point for those with diabetes it is also very useful for users without these concerns. Insulin levels can serve as a great indicator of your body’s reaction to your current diet and lifestyle. [1]

How can I better understand my results?

  • Age 19 and below: 2-40 uU/mL
  • Age 20 and above: 2-25 uU/mL

Where can I learn more?

Pete Attia, M.D. has a wealth of resources online about insulin resistance, from high-level explanations to possible interventions. We highly recommend exploring his content library.

Dr. Huberman explains the roles of insulin and glucose very well in this podcast episode.

For a high level exploration, consider reading this review article from the acclaimed Journal Nature.